Fabulous Pink Gin Launch at the Mayur Indian Restaurant Liverpool

Fabulous Pink Gin Launch Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival organisers Launch Fabulous Pink Gin Fabulous Pink Gin Launch.  After years of organising the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festivals and promoting a 120 Gin Brands it was time to put a name to a Gin of their own! Directors of the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival launched their own [...]

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Pink Gin – Fabulous Pink Gin

PINK GIN - FABULOUS PINK GIN Pink Gin - Fabulous Pink Gin.  The Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival team are proud to announce their first Gin which is a pink gin called Fabulous Pink Gin. The ladies who created the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival in 2016 from Liverpool, creating the Gin Festivals with style, great gins [...]

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