Pink Gin – Fabulous Pink Gin

Pink Gin - Fabulous Pink Gin


Pink Gin – Fabulous Pink Gin.  The Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival team are proud to announce their first Gin which is a pink gin called Fabulous Pink Gin.

The ladies who created the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival in 2016 from Liverpool, creating the Gin Festivals with style, great gins in prestigious venues across the North West.  It was time to put a name to a gin of their own in 2019.

It had to be Pink Gin and it had to be Fabulous!!

Pink Gin – Fabulous Pink Gin …So the Gin is called Fabulous Pink Gin, which is a 40% premium Gin made with non artificial flavorings, its low in sugar and calories and is only 7 calories a shot.

This Fabulous Pink Gin smacks strawberry laces on both the nose and the palate, smooth and sweet, it has elements of a fruit liqueur whilst maintaining a satisfying dryness only seen in a classic dry gin.

Perfect Serve

Fabulous Pink Gin is best served in a Gin Copa balloon glass, fill with ice, serve with Mediterranean Fever-Tree tonic or Fever-Tree lemonade.  Garnish with strawberries.

Pink Gin – Fabulous Pink Gin Gift sets

Pink Gin Gift sets are the perfect gift for Gin Lovers, we have gin miniatures to purchase on the own or a pack of three in a gift set.

Pink Gin – Fabulous Pink Gin Parties

Are you and your friends Pink Gin Lovers? why not have a Pink Gin party at your house, bit like the Avon parties but more fun with plenty of Pink Gin!

If you would like the Fabulous Pink Gin brand at your event, wedding or at your home or party contact the Fabulous Gin Company today on

The website is now available

It’s time to buy your Fabulous Pink Gin now.

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