Fabulous Pink Gin Launch at the Mayur Indian Restaurant Liverpool

Fabulous Pink Gin Launch Liverpool

Fabulous Pink Gin Launch

Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival organisers Launch Fabulous Pink Gin

Fabulous Pink Gin Launch.  After years of organising the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festivals and promoting a 120 Gin Brands it was time to put a name to a Gin of their own!

Directors of the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival launched their own Fabulous Pink Gin on Wednesday evening at the Mayur Indian Restaurant in Duke Street, Liverpool.  The evening was a huge success with lots of local businesses attending the event including Media Company, press and bloggers.

Fabulous Pink Gin Launch…

So what is Fabulous Pink Gin?..

Fabulous Pink Gin is a 40% premium strawberry pink gin, this gin smacks strawberry laces to the nose & the pallet and its made from natural products.

Why is different to all other Pink Gins?..

Fabulous Pink Gin is made from natural products so it has very little sugar content, it is low in calories, in fact it is only 7 calories per shot, so its a #skinnypink gin and Slimming World and Weight Watchers will love this Gin.

How Much is the Fabulous Pink Gin and where can i buy it?

This is the most important question of the lot!..The cost is £35 per bottle for a 70cl bottle and can be bought from www.fabulousgincompany.co.uk  

  • You can purchases other gifts on their too, including:
  • Pink Gin Gift Sets
  • Gin shopper bag/beach bag
  • Gin glassses/Gin copa glasses
  • Gin miniatures

We hope you love our Gin as much as we do and you can now try this at our Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festivals!


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