Gin Tasting Liverpool at the Fabulous Liver Building

Gin tasting experiences comes to the Liver Building, Liverpool Thursday 29th August 2019 - Pink Gin Tasting Experience Do you love gin or not tried it before?, or even trying to convince your friend to start drinking Gin?.. Gin Tasting Liverpool at the Liver Building sounds good?.. Our team from the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival [...]

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Fabulous Pink Gin Launch at the Mayur Indian Restaurant Liverpool

Fabulous Pink Gin Launch Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival organisers Launch Fabulous Pink Gin Fabulous Pink Gin Launch.  After years of organising the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festivals and promoting a 120 Gin Brands it was time to put a name to a Gin of their own! Directors of the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival launched their own [...]

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Gin Festival for Corporate Events – Summer Social – Christmas Parties – Team Building Events

Gin Festival for Corporate Events - Summer Social - Christmas Parties - Team Building Events Gin is in!!!... Everybody is talking about Gin.. Gin over the past few years has suddenly blown up, becoming the new 'trendy drink' with lots of different types of Gin and flavours available. A record 51 million bottles of Gin [...]

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NEW – Summer Gin Festival 15th & 16th June 2018 – Introducing RUM

NEW FOR 2018!!.. SUMMER GIN FESTIVAL ..INTRODUCING RUM!.. Friday 15th June & Saturday 16th June at the Fabulous Croxteth Country Hall, Liverpool. Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival are back at the Fabulous Croxteth Hall, Liverpool this summer in June and we are pleased to offer a new addition of Rum!.. With over 80 Gin's on offer [...]

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Dates Released for Early 2018 Gin Festivals Liverpool

Dates Released for Gin Festivals early 2018.. Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival Dates Liverpool 2018 11th & 12th May 2018 - All White Theme Gin Festival - Marquee at Riversdale Police Club, Aigburth, Liverpool 11th & 12th May 2018, The Absolutely Fabulous White Themed Gin Festival, The Police Club, Liverpool, England Absolutely [...]

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